Heavy Equipment

Machinery Standards

We have high standards. All equipment we sell will be in good working condition. All machines are inspected using the following checklist, by a qualified inspector, who gives the machine a rating of excellent, good or fair. Any fair rating will either be corrected or reported to the customer.

Machinery Inspection Checklist

  • All visible welds on frame and rails for cracks.
  • General sheet metal condition.
  • Condition of fenders, fuel tank, grab bars, cab/canopy.
  • Condition of parking brake.
  • Operation and condition of all gauges.
  • Engine condition: oil pressure, oil leaks, blow by, engine mounts.
  • General condition of radiator, pulleys, hoses and fan belts.
  • Condition of battery, cables, starter, alternator and wiring.
  • Transmission condition: forward and reverse, case condition, leaks.
  • Condition of steering linkages, valves and cylinders.
  • Condition of brakes, wet/dry and pedal travel.
  • Hydraulics: check for leakage on all cylinders, hose condition, excess noise in pumps.
  • Condition of undercarriage, track or tires.
  • Condition of blade or bucket, pins and bushings.

All machines will be cleaned and dealer-serviced and if required, have a fresh coat of paint.

Use and service history are provided whenever possible. Iron Machinery will always try to purchase light usage machines, allowing us to provide you machines that have sustained little to
no damage or abuse.

Unless otherwise stated, Iron Machinery will provide machines with a minimum of 70% remaining tire life and undercarriages and tracks with a life of at least 65%.